A new startup: An innovative and sustainable solution to the plastic problem

This blog post was designed for a hypothetical startup which was for university assignment purposes.

You’re on your way to work, but you’re running late because you simply didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. In your Monday morning madness, you pressed snooze one too many times.

In your panic to get out of the house and not be late, you forgot your water bottle! You quickly check the time, you’ve got a few minutes to stop for a coffee and luckily, there is a Woolworths across the road and you can pop in there!

You float down the aisles of Woolworths looking for a protein bar or two to satisfy your cravings. You end up staring at the drink’s fridge. There’s so many choices, which one will you pick? Pump has the pop-top lid but Mount Franklin says it’s made from some recycled plastics or do you want a sparkling water?? But you think ‘ugh should I really add yet another plastic bottle to the collection I have growing in my car? There’s already five. Maybe I should just go without water for the day?’

But you look further along in the cabinet, you see OneWay.

A 750ml rectangular bottle with a pop-top lid, it looks nice, sleek, pretty. (Must have been created by someone pretty awesome)

You pick up the bottle, it’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual. You read the packaging, wow ‘one of Australia’s leading completely plant-based fully backyard compostable drink bottles, filled with sustainably sourced premium Australian spring water.’ Okay, I’m listening and ‘it is made from 100% plant products including the bottle, the pop-top lid and the labels which are sourced from eco-friendly vegetable ink.’ That’ll do!

You go to counter; the checkout person says, ‘what a good choice’ you blush (of course) she continues to say ‘and did you know, 25% of profits are being donated to help provide access to clean water for the developing world’ You think wow, this OneWay lot are doing things!

You think hmm I might just snap a pic of my purchase for my IG (Instagram if you’re not up with the cool kid lingo) stories to tell all your friends ‘Trying this, stay tuned for my update #OneWayForward’. 30 seconds later, your phone is dinging, what? OneWay have already replied to your stories and reshared your picture! Wow, they really are good!

We’ve designed OneWay for this particular reason (and a few others, of course!)

We care about you, we care about your aesthetic Instagram stories and let’s be serious for a moment. We genuinely care about the environment and our future.

The plastic problem is real so we want to arm you with the power of choice, so you have the ability to make a positive contribution to our future with just one purchase.

We’ve created a drink bottle made with love, warm hugs and some plant products to make drink bottles a bit more hip!!

OneWay provides you with an innovative and sustainable alternative to the traditional plastic water bottle and is a solution to the plastic problem. We are one of a kind in the Australian market, an industry disruptor perhaps!!

We are making hydration cool again! We are redefining on the go, convenient hydration through the innovative use of natural materials, because we know how important it is you drink those ml’s every single day without destroying the sea turtles. We almost forgot to mention, your bottle is certified backyard compostable, meaning you can take it out with the (food) trash and it will decompose with your other compost items! Easy Peasy!

As OneWay is biodegradable, you have that constant guarantee that your water and bottle is fresh. It isn’t off sitting in some dusty warehouse for months on end wrapped in plastic.

Now, imagine if launching a start-up was just that easy, if every customer was cool, fresh, handsome and sustainably minded like you, wow.. just imagine.

But unfortunately, we can’t all be superstars! We are bound to encounter some plastic obstacles (literally and figuratively) in our journey out to sea.

Here at OneWay are just little tiny fish out in the big old blue ocean and there is lots of sharks in the waters where we swim, but fish are friends not food so we will just keep swimming!

We think we can be compared to bluefin tuna. The people want us, they just don’t know it yet. We are rare, intriguing and some say slightly expensive but are worth every penny.

We think we’re pretty great, but we might be slightly bias. So how about you give us a shot, please. What have you got to loose?

So come aboard and help us change the world. I mean how can you not want to save the sea turtles?

Published by Olivia Styles

Social Media Specialist | Travel Enthuasist

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